Kickstartnews Inc. - Draw Rules

1. Only valid and resolvable email addresses are permitted.

2. A browser cookie will appear in your browser cache after clicking the Submit button on the Draw entry form. The cookie will prevent the Draw form from popping up when you re-visit or return to Clearing of browser caches to accomplish Draw re-entry will not increase your chances of winning or in any way improve the odds of winning the Draw. However, note that cannot prevent multiple entries by one individual made through different domains.

3. Draw is open only to persons 16 years of age or older. Draw is open to private individuals only. Draw is not open to businesses of any kind.

4. Staff, volunteers, contributors, affiliates and owners of Kickstartnews Inc., which owns, are not eligible to enter. Due to the use of multiple email addresses originating from different Internet domains sometimes used by individuals, Kickstartnews Inc. does not guarantee prevention of ineligible entries. However, the identity verification process described in #8 below, is meant to both verify a valid Canadian address and residency, and attempt to verify that the Draw winner is in fact eligible.

5. Draw is open to Canadian residents with Canadian mailing addresses only.

6. There is no cash substitute for the draw item.

7. A minimum of five hundred (500) unique email entries are required for this Draw to take place. The Draw will take place on April 15, 2011 at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (-5 GMT) unless the minimum number of entries is not reached, in which case the Draw will instead be subsequently made when the minimum number of entries is reached. The Draw winner will be contacted directly via email and the closure of the Draw will also be posted on All entrants are encouraged to clear their browser caches at that time to allow any subsequent new Draw form to pop-up at the next visit to

8. The Draw winner will be notified via email within 24 hours after the Draw. Notification will include congratulations, a request for a physical mailing address, and a request for identity verification. Identity verification is required in order to determine the age and Canadian residency of the winner, and to determine whether or not the winner is ineligible as described in #4 above. If within 48 hours of sending the notification does not receive a confirming reply containing the requested information, the Draw winner will become ineligible, and another draw will take place. The process will continue until the requisite reply is received, at which point the draw item will be awarded and, upon verification of identity, shipped to the winner.

9. There is no promise written or inferred that subsequent Draws for other identical or similar items will take place.

10. The purpose of the Draw is to provide an incentive for Canadian visitors to to provide the site with valid email addresses. All such email addresses will be used to derive aggregate Canadian traffic statistics for in order to attract Canadian based advertisers to specifically to generate revenue for the site. This is an irrevocable condition of Draw entry. Do not enter the Draw if you prefer that your email address not be used for the purpose of gathering aggregate statistics.

11. Email addresses collected through the Draw pop-up entry form may be licensed by for use by itself, its affiliates and its advertisers for direct marketing purposes. This is an irrevocable condition of Draw entry. Do not enter the Draw if you prefer that your email address not be used for direct marketing purposes.

12. Entries using malformed email addresses, misspelled email addresses, email honeypot addresses, email address trappers, address bots, corporate groupmail, general post office/non-individual email addresses and automated email and form bot-generated addresses are invalid and will be discarded. and Kickstartnews Inc. reserve the right to discard any email address entry or entries it considers invalid.

13. There is no subscription, membership, fee or any other financial cost, attendance requirement or site visit frequency commitment required for Draw entry. There are no other terms and conditions.

Errors and Omissions Excepted.

14. Inquiries may be addressed to:

Kickstartnews Inc.
155 East Beaver Creek Drive
Unit 24, Suite 198
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 2N1


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