PC Hardware Made Easy, the Ultimate PC Assembly and
Repair Course

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What does a businessperson, a secretary, a Web site owner and a writer have in common? At one time or another, they will run up against computer problems that could potentially shut down their entire business. In fact, in this technology-based world in which we live, almost every vocation can have business-stopping computer problems.

When you have computer problems, what do you do? Do you spend hours on the phone with technical support? Do you take your system in to your local computer repair shop, then wait a week or longer to get it back?

Have you ever thought about being proactive by learning how to repair the computer yourself? If someone in a small office environment was experienced in computer repairs, can you see how much more efficiently the operation could run with significantly less down time? But what if you don't have the time or money to invest in a structured class?

In their self-study course, PC Hardware Made Easy, Micro2000 seriously considered the needs of average computer users who need to be able to repair their own systems. They wrote the course in layman's terminology, so that someone with no computer experience can still greatly benefit from the course. In fact, the course is even ideal for junior high students in grades 8 and up! The complete self-study course includes a book, manual, CD-ROM, two VHS tapes and the Micro- Scope LE Universal Diagnostic Software. The course will teach you how to build a computer from the ground up, how to diagnose and repair any problems, how a computer works, how to install system software and much more.

So, how can a self-study course actually teach you how to repair your computer? To take the course, you begin by reading the Basic PC Assembly, Diagnostics & Repair book supplied in the package. As you read through the book, it will refer you to the CD-ROM or VHS tapes where you'll complete related sections before returning to the book. The CD-ROM and VHS tapes are of excellent quality with clear pictures and sound. They progress in an easy step-by-step manner that is simple to understand.

In Lesson 5, you'll begin shopping for computer components that you can use to build your own system, if you choose. Then, you'll learn how to install the various drives, the motherboard, cables and adapters.

After you've assembled your PC hardware, you can test it by using the Micro-Scope LE diagnostic software that's included [Editor's note: CompuNotes has reviewed the Micro2000 Universal Diagnostics Toolkit of which the Micro-Scope software is a part. Look for the review in an upcoming issue of CompuNotes]. >From that point on in the course, you'll concentrate on trouble shooting and solving problems.

Each lesson is divided into sections such as Reading, Hands- On, View a Video and Self Test on What Have you Learned. Answers to the Self Test are provided at the back of the book.

The course was designed to be taken with or without an instructor. So schools and individuals who want and need to learn more about computer repair and diagnostics but who don't want a heavily structured class will find it an excellent learning tool.

Micro2000 believes that "the more a person understands their computer, the less trouble they will have with it." The company has taken that simple philosophy and put it to work in this effective course.

This self-study course is ideal for any home computer user, students in grades 8 and up or any business person who wants to make sure that the down time for their computers is kept at a minimum. It's easy enough for even a novice to understand and the confidence it instills as it teaches will be invaluable to computer users once they complete the course.

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