Using Samba 2nd Edition, by Jay Ts, Robert Eckstein, David Collier-Brown

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Samba just keeps getting better and better. In case you've been living in a cave the last few years, Samba is the way you create a Window's-like server on a Unix host, without the cost or instability of having to actually use Windows. The second edition of Using Samba from O'Reilly updates and expands on setting up and administering Samba and covers the current production release of Samba v2.2 and the up coming v3.0.

Maybe you've been thinking about trying out Samba but didn't have the time to sift through the documentation, haunt the newsgroups or any of that stuff. This book will guide you to getting a functional, useful Samba server up and operational with little fuss.

The book is similar in layout to the first edition and many of the chapter headings are the same. The information provided has been expanded greatly however. One of the nice additions that newbies should appreciate is an explanation of the smb protocol.

Unlike Samba v2, the v2.2 and higher releases will nicely act as a domain controller for Windows XP and below. Chapter four provides an excellent walk-through on setting up Samba to handle logon scripts, roaming profiles and system policies.

There is also a much expanded appendix giving sample configuration files for your Samba server. It includes samples for Workgroups, a PDC and as a domain member server.

If you're an existing Samba v2 administrator, Using Samba 2nd Edition is a great resource to help you upgrade and take advantage of the expanded capabilities in v2.2. If you're a Windows admin looking to cut costs without having to retrain your users, the book is invaluable. There's even a section on configuring Samba on a Mac OS X Server box. Recommended.

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