Belkin PureAV Isolator: Home Theater Surge Protector

Reviewed by: Paul Schneider, PhD, send e-mail
Published by: Belkin Corporation, go to the web site
Requires: N/A
MSRP: $119.99

Surge protection is not exactly one of those things about which people jump over each other in excitement. As with security services, you pay in advance to prevent a disaster that you hope will never happen. Not exactly the type of thing one gets excited about purchasing. Even so, I've been one of those who in the past, decided to err on the side of safety when it came to my computer and audio equipment rather than risk it all with a cheap extension outlet strip (though to be completely honest I have used those in a pinch!).

The PureAV Isolator Home Theater Surge Protector from Belkin is their top of the line surge protector for the home theater. It is designed to protect all of your digital entertainment products. It sports such features as fire-resistant metal, Belkin's highest joule rating and power filter technology. Putting its money where its mouth is, Belkin also provides a lifetime warranty that covers even some of the most expensive entertainment products. When first reading about the surge protector I was left with a picture of a computer disaster in which, like the black box from an airplane crash, the only thing left standing in the smoldering ruins was my Belkin surge protector! That's how tough the literature sounds.

The features provided with this product include 10 outlets with ample room for large AC adaptors, a 12 foot (3.7m) cord with a nice wraparound case to store excess cord, safeguards for multiple DSL fax/modems, protection (ceramic arrester) for cable lines, diagnostic indicator lights and a flat profile to reduce clutter.

One of the device's key components is Belkin's Power Filter Technology. This technology aims to prevent disturbances through graduated filtration. Essentially all of the components plugged into the unit are isolated from the others. If you have problems with snow on your viewing device when another piece of equipment is running, this should help to eliminate the problem. The idea behind the design is to deliver a clean, isolated, protected power bank for each outlet. If one has a problem, the others continue to hum along.

In terms of overall protection strength the product is rated to withstand up to 4720 joules. For the curious, a Joule is a unit of energy named after the British scientist and inventor James Prescott Joule. To give you a comparison, Belkin's entry level model provides protection for up to 592 joules. Quite literally this is one of the highest levels of protection you can buy. Most important however, you are truly protected. If a surge somehow gets past the unit, the Belkin warranty will provide you with replacement or repaired equipment equal to the current market value of your ruined gear.

Unfortunately for this review, I didn't have any real problems with clarity in reception, picture, or otherwise, and no electrical disaster struck my home. However, the device did work flawlessly and its green "everything is okay" light continues to provide me with reassurance. If disaster does strike I'll be sure and let you know, but for now I'm happy the insurance hasn't been used. If you are one of those people who unplugs their electronic devices or turns them off whenever a storm comes, do yourself a favor and buy some 'insurance' and stop letting a little storm interfere with your work or enjoyment!

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