Proporta P900/P910i Aluminum Case

Reviewed by: David Coppola, July 2005
Available at : Proporta
Requires: Sony Ericsson P900 or P910i Mobile Smartphone
MSRP: US$33.95

I like specialists—individuals and companies which target a particular problem or range of issues and go about the process of solving each and every objective with working products that fit the lifestyles of a wide assortment of users. It's a tall order to fill and Proporta is one of several companies out there which are attempting to do just that. With more and more companies specializing in online commerce and sales as well, national boundaries are starting to mean less and less when it comes to tracking down and purchasing just the right products. You should probably put Proporta on your list though, because its P900/P910i aluminum case is about the best metal case we've reviewed to date.

The case is constructed of high grade aircraft aluminum and clear plastic lined with a neoprene pad that also acts as a scratch guard and shock absorber. The case is very strong, lightweight and has a mechanical hinge that folds down to access the phone instead of the usual swinging door-style access. There are specific areas on the top and sides that are machine cut into the aluminum and plastic shell to allow users to access essential features of the smartphone such as the stylus, memory stick, jog dial and power buttons. A clear plastic faceplate insert protects the smartphone screen from any accidental falls or scratches—quite useful. Proporta has even included plastic keypad buttons on the front of the case to allow you to answer the smartphone without removing it from the case.

Inside the case, you'll find the usual neoprene lining that protects the smartphone from being scratched whenever you need to remove it. The neoprene also provides a useful amount of shock protection in case the inevitable happens: falls from desks, banging around inside the car as you make a turn and the phone slides off the passenger seat, rattling around inside your briefcase and so on. We've seen the exact same liner used in good quality metal cases from other manufacturers and it's really surprising how much protection the thin material offers.

Our review case included a 360 degree swivel belt clip option that was used to carry around the smartphone. The belt clip has a quick release mechanism that was easy to use and made access quick and simple. If you are used to carrying around your smartphone in the leather case that was supplied with it, you'll have a difficult time adjusting to the size and feel of the aluminum case. The next time you drop the smartphone however, you will definitely be glad of the extra protection provided by this case.

Cons: As with all aluminum cases, it can get cold to the touch especially in the winter months. As with all cases of all descriptions, it adds some bulk to the smartphone. You'll have to remove the smartphone from the case to charge—in the car and at home.

Pros: Best metal case design we have reviewed to date for the Sony P900/910. Best value to date for the money. Very stylish and lightweight (total case weight is approximately 48g/1.7oz). Manufactured from 100% aircraft grade anodized aluminum with a thin neoprene lining. Cleanly finished, nicely radiused cutouts for ports and general access. Outer dimensions of the case are only fractionally larger than the P900 or P910i. Case comes with a limited lifetime warranty. I used the case for two weeks continuously (daily) and I think I'm going to keep it. The extra protection it provides for a rather expensive smartphone is well worth the cost of the case. Recommended.

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