PDair Sony P900/P910i Aluminum Case

Reviewed by: David Coppola, February 2005, send e-mail
Available from: PDair Workshop, go to the web site
Requires: Sony Ericsson P900 or P910i Mobile Smartphone
MSRP: UK£21.95 (approximately US$41.00 or CAN$50.00)

I purchased a Sony Ericsson P900 last year. It wasn't cheap. So when Kickstartnews was given the opportunity to review the PDair P900/P910i Aluminum Case we jumped on it. These advanced Smartphones combine the functionality of a cell phone and that of a PDA. Protecting your investment is quite important when you have to shell out anywhere between US$600-$800 on one of these gadgets.

Ask yourself how many times you've dropped your cell phone getting out of the car? Or knocked it off a table or couch by accident. I've done it countless times and sure enough have damaged or rendered the my phone useless. Cell phones are relatively cheap now, but how would you feel if this was your expensive Smartphone? That's where the custom fitted PDair P900/P910i Aluminum Case proves to be well worth its cost. Made specifically made for the Sony Ericsson P900/P910i series of phones, the stylish silver case is manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum that has been proven to be very strong and lightweight. My phone fit into the case perfectly and I was pleased to note that the inner lining of the case consists of a soft black neoprene material that works effectively to protect the smartphone from accidental shocks and bumps. The neoprene lining will also prevents the smartphone from being scratched or marred whenever you remove it from the case.

There are many access areas notched all around the case so you can easily find and adjust controls, grab the stylus and take photos without having to remove the phone from the case. A protective front door swings open and that's how you access the flip-down keypad to reveal additional screen space. The case also has a protective clear display area to ensure that you don't knock or break your phone screen as well.

Our review model included a 360 degree swivel belt clip option. The belt clip has a quick release mechanism that was easy to use and made accessing the phone a no-brainer. The case mounts on the clip at almost any angle and rides securely. It will maintain a vertical orientation in most circumstances except when you're sitting in bucket seats in the car. Unhooking the device is easy—rotate the case 90 degrees, press the thumb release and lift.

If you're used to carrying around the leather case that is supplied with your phone, you'll notice that the metal PDAir unit will add a bit of bulk. It's just something that you'll have to get used to if you want peace of mind knowing that you have the best protection.

Pros: Lightweight, strong, stylish. Neoprene lining, easy swivel belt attachment, great protection value for the money.

Cons: Aluminum can get cold to the touch especially in the winter months. Minor additional bulkiness.

Overall a fine superior manufactured product by PDair that will provide second-to-none protection for your expensive smartphone. Highly recommended.

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