Proporta Blackberry 67xx/77xx Aluminum Case

Reviewed by: David Coppola, July 2005
Available at: Proporta
Requires: RIM Blackberry 67xx/77xx series
MSRP: US$34.95

Proporta continues to innovate with products that are designed to allow smartphones, PDAs and, in this case, the RIM Blackberry to remain highly functional while also being well protected from the rigors of daily use in a variety of environments. Kickstartnews has received quite a few requests—an unusually high number actually—for reviews of Blackberry accessories and cases, so after hunting around for a few weeks we came across Proporta's offerings. This one is a clamshell-type, anodized aluminum case.

Most Blackberrys are supplied with their own hard plastic belt holster. Research In Motion (RIM), the Blackberry manufacturer, must have had a bad day when it came up with the holster design. We're convinced that, while remaining quite functional, the hard plastic OEM holster supplied with most Blackberrys is also about the ugliest and simplest thing that RIM could come up with to include in its product boxes. Something nice and protective and stylish is in order, absolutely.

The Proporta case is constructed of high grade aircraft aluminum and plastic. It's very strong, lightweight, and has a rubber hinge on the top that is used to open and close the clamshell design. Inside the case, the Blackberry is protected by a thin neoprene liner similar to the original one supplied with the unit. I found that the liner does a great job of protecting the Blackberry from scratches, absorbs significant shocks and helps to maintain a good 'grip' on the Blackberry while it's mounted in the case.

There are access areas on the top and right-hand side of the case so that you can get to the jog dial, answer and end calls and plug in your ear bud. You'll have to open the case up if you really want to use those buttons because the face of the Blackberry is covered by the aluminum case lid.

It's a great quality case that also has a 360 degree swivel belt clip which I found very useful. Although the case is bulkier that the original plastic holder supplied with our Blackberry, the Proporta case also provides greater protection from accidental drops, flings, slips, bangs, fumbles and a variety of other Blackberry mishaps.

Like other metal phone cases, we could not charge the Blackberry in the car easily. We had to leave the unit on the seat with the lid flipped up. We also found that it was bit more difficult to answer the phone quickly until we got the feel for the new case. Just as a comparison, the Blackberry sits and faces the opposite way in this holder that the originally supplied holder. So it took us longer to see who was calling before we answered the call. A few missed attempts went into voicemail.

Cons: As with all aluminum cases, it can get cold to the touch especially in the winter months. Difficult to answer the phone quickly. Adds bulkiness. Have to keep case flipped up to charge phone in the car.

Pros: Great value for the money. Stylish and lightweight. Excellent fit and finish, with all edges cleanly cut and properly radiused—no cuts or scratches here. Securely holds the Blackberry without marring it. Protects the device against accidental drops. I used the case daily for two weeks and found its overall feel and weight well matched to my needs. If you don't need ultra-fast access to your Blackberry or if you're traveling, the Proporta case is an excellent choice which will help you bring your Blackberry home, working and in one piece every time. Overall, great protection for your Blackberry.

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