Call Log+ v1.01 for Palm Treo 650/700 series

Reviewed by: Howard Carson, February 2006
Published by: Chapura Software
Requires: Palm/palmOne Treo 650/680 through 700 series
MSRP: US$29.95

The Treo 650 Smartphone has been a bit of a phenomenon for Palm. As a matter of fact, a mini-industry of software and accessory development has grown up around the Treo 650, just as you might expect with any widely popular device these days. The Treo is a remarkably well-converged device, and remains as much a telecommunications and personal information management phenomenon as the iPod is a personal entertainment phenomenon. Call Log+ is designed to enhance the Treo's call logging by adding note-taking functionality and enhanced integration with Microsoft Outlook Journal. You might be thinking that note-taking is not much of a reason to do a utility review and you'd be right if it wasn't for the fact that Call Log+ can do it while you're talking on the phone.

I think Call Log+ is designed primarily for two kinds of Treo users: a) people who need to take notes while on the phone, and b) people who make regular use of the Outlook Journal. Call Log+ integrates its notes along with the Treo call log when you HotSync with Outlook, making the notes you've taken available in the Journal.


After installation of Call Log+ you'll find that your Treo 650 Quick Launch button located on the side of the phone has been mapped to launch Call Log+. Although the option exists in the installation to unmap the button, I recommend you keep the default because it's really the easiest way to start Call Log+ while you're on the phone. The software integrates neatly into Palm OS 5.4.x. All you have to do after answering a call is to press and hold the Quick Launch button. Call Log+ will start and present the Notes screen so you can immediately begin typing.

Whenever you perform a HotSync, Call Log+ creates or updates an Outlook Journal entry for each call and places the phone calls in a timeline view. Each journal entry contains phone call details from the call log which means you can scan or search the Journal for past phone calls and pull up important details, including the notes taken on the Treo 650 using Call Log+. Because Call log+ notes are associated with a specific phone call and phone number, Journal entries also link to the corresponding record (if it exists) in the Outlook Contacts folder, providing a shortcut to the contact from the Journal entry. The call also appears on the linked contact’s Activities list in Outlook (a list compiled by Outlook of all the items—contacts, calendar events, tasks, and so on—that are tracked in Outlook).

The most interesting (and unexpected) effect of using Call Log+ is that I am now also making use of Outlook's Journal. Because Call Log+ offers the note integration with the Journal, it all feels much more useful to me now. I had never found a regular use for the Journal. But because of the detail now available to me and because I'm already a regular Outlook user, I'm making more extensive use of Outlook's tools. It's amazing what a little utility can sometimes accomplish. Now I'm also debating whether or not to stick with the Palm OS address book as my primary Contacts database, or switch to Outlook's Contacts.

Cons: Strictly in terms of additional features and functions, Call Log+ is not a massive upgrade from the standard Treo 650 call log. Rather, it's the improvement with respect to the Treo's Outlook integration that seems to be the biggest feature. The text message feature built into the regular Treo call log is not available within Call Log+.

Pros: The Notes feature alone is worth the price of the entire package. I cannot emphasize how useful it is to take notes while on a call and to be able to go back and refer to the note at any time simply by tapping the related phone number in the call log. Each note you take creates a small icon next to the associated number in the Call Log+ log, which makes it easy to find noted calls as you scroll through the list. Call Log+ does not replace the regular Treo 650 call log, so you can go back to it at any time if, for instance, you want to use the text message feature in the standard Treo log. The usual cut, copy and paste functions are available within Call Log+ which makes it easy to copy & paste phone numbers from notes into the Treo dialer. Enhanced integration with the Outlook Journal is a bonus. A useful utility that all Treo 650 business users should consider. Recommended.





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