Game Reviews

1602 A.D. - fascinating empire building and real-time strategy game
AcidSpider for Palm OS - excellent version of the classic Patience, for Palm OS 5
Barrage - fast, fighting flight sim
Bejeweled v2.2 for PalmOS & Pocket PC - highly addictive symbol matching game
Bicycle Rummy - challenging version of a traditional card game
Civilization: Call to Power - conquer the Earth
Clickomania & Clickomania II - challenging shape and character matching
Concentrix v1.1.1 - addictive symbol, color and moving shape matching game
Didi and Ditto's Kindergarten - fun, educational software for pre-schoolers
Dragon's Challenge - addictive tile matching game
Farkle for Palm OS - addictive, multiplayer dice game
Fish Tycoon for Palm OS5 - raise fish, crossbreed, develop exotic species
Golf Resort Tycoon II - a major update to a great game
GTS Racing Challenge for Pocket PC - arcade-style road racing
Heavy Gear II - well-done action/SIM for all the shooter fans
Heroes of the Savannah - Hugo the Troll and friends help the Stork
Hoyle Casino 2003 - complete suite of casino games in RPG environment
Hugo's Jungle Island 1 - entertaining kids game featuring Hugo the Danish troll
Icewind Dale II - second installment of this popular RPG


Mahjongg Variations - excellent version of a perennial classic
Mars Needs Cows for Palm OS & Pocket PC - fun puzzle game with multiple difficulty levels

Mia's Language Adventure-The Kidnap Caper - fun word adventure game for kids
Mobile Jigsaw for Palm OS & Pocket PC - customizable jigsaw puzzle game

NASCAR Racing Season 2002 - full simulation Winston Cup racing
Nintendo Wii Game Console - game console with 3D motion & force feedback controllers
Pixelus for Palm OS & Pocket PC - engrossing mosaic puzzle game

Plant Tycoon - Palm OS 5 game creates complete plant shop business
Return To Castle Wolfenstein - great sequel to the original bestseller
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri - a former Game of the Year & an excellent strategy game
Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix - great sequel to this FPS
Sony PlayStation 3 Entertainment Console - gaming and entertainment center
Star Trek Armada II - command the Enterprise in space
Star Trek Bridge Commander - well-designed action/sim
Ricochet for PalmOS - Breakout on steroids, excellent and detailed version
Thief: Dark Project - gorgeous, detailed RPG
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 - the ultimate skateboarding game
Trivial Pursuit Handheld Edition (Palm OS & Pocket PC) - mobile version
Village Sim for Palm OS - detailed, entertaining Sim for Palm OS
Warfare Incorporated - superb, real time strategy game for Palm & Pocket PC
WordPop! (Palm OS) - well-designed word search game for handhelds
Xbox 360 - Microsoft's 2nd generation game console and media center

Yahtzee for PalmOS - excellent version of the original, specifically for Palm PDAs
Zen Sudoku for Palm OS - a robust version of the popular number puzzle game
Zillions of Games v1.0 - eclectic collection of challenging board and puzzle games
Zillions of Games 2 - board games for those who need a challenge, great graphics, single PC or online play



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